Metaform Investments is a private equity-style investment firm, focused on the mining sector. We leverage our expertise and experience to de-risk and develop sustainable mining businesses that will ultimately achieve superior investment returns.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is dedicated to the concept of long-term committed capital. Gone are the days of short-term investment vehicles (e.g. mutual funds and hedge funds) funding long-term projects such as mines.
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Our Approach

Metaform Investments Inc. is a different kind of investment firm. We are financial analysts and also mining executives. We do not just rely on third party technical information; we rely on our own experiences and our own technical analysis.
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Our Perspective

There is an opportunity for a experienced team to make significant equity-like investments in select projects and companies, working with management teams to apply proper procedures and controls, and ensuring adequate transparency and governance to create the winners of tomorrow.
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Contact Us

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