Our Approach

Mining Expertise

Metaform Investments Inc. is a different kind of investment firm. We are financial analysts and also mining executives. We do not just rely on third party technical information; we rely on our own experiences and our own technical analysis.

We are engineers, geologists, and environmental scientists. We understand the mining companies, society and governments, and we help companies earn and retain a social licence.

We recognize that mining is not just about a mine but also about the transformation of a community. A large part of a mine’s success is dictated by how management interacts with local communities and government officials.

  1. Our technical skills are diverse, and cover all major disciplines required in mining:
    • Geology
    • Resource and Reserve Expertise
    • Mining Engineering
    • Metallurgy
    • Project Management
    • Financing and investing
    • Valuation
    • Environment, Social and Government Expertise
    • Risk Assessment and Management
    • Permitting
    • Capital Markets
  2. Experienced Team with Demonstrated Success
    • Investment professionals that have worked together and/or co-invested for many years.
    • Collectively, over 125 years of operating, technical and investing experience in the mining industry.
    • Have visited over 500 mining projects in more than 50 countries.
    • Have all managed businesses and are highly accomplished in technical disciplines.
  3. Distinctive Advantages in Investment Origination
    • Metaform’s reputation and network of potential operating and strategic partners provides direct deal origination.
    • Our partners are located in Toronto, Vancouver, Europe and New Zealand – giving us very good global coverage.
    • We have extensive relationships across the global mining sector and finance professions.
    • We have developed excellent in-country relationships in a number of key mining regions.
    • Our strong capital markets expertise and financial structuring expertise, will facilitate successful, optimal exit strategies.